Premium Website Hosting

What We Offer To Our Clients.

Hosting Services: In an effort to provide our Clients with a Premium Service, at a Premium Price, we offer Clients a broad range of services. Below, you will find a list of  Services to both our Premium Hosting Package, as well as our E-Commerce Hosting Package:

  • Back-ups: We store our back-ups in a separate, secure location. If, for any reason, something happens to your site, we are able to restore it quickly, and efficiently. We can provide you with back-ups, per your request.
  • Hacker Insurance: The Internet is a scary, dangerous place. It is impossible for something to be 100% protected. In the off-chance of a hacker infiltrating your site, we will remove the threat and fix any damage at no additional charge to you.
  • Monitoring Service: We are committed to your website’s up-time and safety. We monitor your website’s up-time and, with our new Software, are alerted in a quick and efficient manner should something go wrong. Why worry about your website? Let us do that for you!
  • Security: We will strive to ensure that your website is free of Malware and other harmful Viruses. With our Tools and Software, we are able to monitor the health of your website.
  • Powerful Notifications: We are able to monitor and analyze Traffic Alerts, SEO Analysis, Keyword Rankings, as well as using such programs as Google Analytics.
  • Technical Support: Have questions? You won’t get an automated voice, asking you to press buttons for your answers. You will get the Voice of someone who is passionate about what they do, and that cares about your website and hosting needs.

Why Cheap Web Hosting is Expensive.

The entire Internet is a pretty bad, and dangerous place, and cheap hosts attract a lot of people who are actually doing the attacking on the web. Large web hosting companies are able to provide “cheap” hosting , because they put hundreds or thousands of sites on the same server, charging each one a tiny amount that adds up to profit, but do not charge enough to keep an eye on who is doing what. The problem is, there are many ways that one site can see the contents of another site. If you are doing e-commerce on your site, that violation of privacy can be a detrimental situation. Somebody on another site could up-load malicious code, malware or other viruses onto your website, which can have devastating effect.

Your web host may be “above average” and actively banning these types of users and activities, but that is only part of the cyber battle. The fact that nobody is making sure upgrades are in place means that, even if you keep your site up to date, there’s almost a certainty that other sites on the server are not secure. This gives hackers a backdoor to install software on the server, and collect your websites data and information. Suppose someone up-loads an offensive, obscene message or image onto your site? What will that do for your business? What will your customers think? Something like that can be devastating to your business’ reputation, especially if you do not notice right away.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Monster Design Studios to design, create, and host your website, you can focus on the more important things – such as your work! We will give you the peace of mind you deserve, because your online reputation is being protected by people who love what they do. We know exactly who and what are on our servers by only allowing websites that we have personally created. This gives an additional layer of security to all our Clients.

We will, of course, support your site to the best of our ability where ever it is hosted. Unfortunately, it will cost you more time and money. Basic maintenance will end up taking hours, instead of minutes, and you are paying for another hosting package on top of that! In the end, choosing Monster Hosting Solutions will save you, and your business money.

*Please Note: We only offer hosting & emails to our website design clients. Due to security reasons, we do not offer hosting to 3rd party interests.